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Mission Statement

Maybe donaufestival is a conversion program of the imaginary. Or a ritual. Or a virus.

Maybe it dreams of electric sheep, hanging freestyle from the cliff face, hoping for WE-NGOs instead of ME-INCs.

Maybe the future is already here, and we just don’t see it.

As the new artistic director of donaufestival from 2017, I’d like to see the relationships between idiosyncrasy and social engagement oscillate. The familiar programme points music, performance, and visual arts intermingle through leitmotifs, expanded and enhanced by new presentation and communication formats. And the seasoned donaufestival team and Bettina Kogler, our new curator for performance, are there to support me in this effort.

We’re all looking forward to exciting festivals!

Thomas Edlinger
donaufestival artistic director




Barbara Pluch (Leitung)
Tel: +43 (0) 664 60 499 322
Fax:+43 (0) 2732/908031

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