donaufestival 2018


First programme announcements and Early bird weekend passes


The present, it seems, just doesn’t end anymore. donaufestival 2018 invites you to listen to the grind of the 24-hour beat. For example, in the Babylonian clamour that Liquid Loft will unleash in the Dominican Church in the framework of the performance “Church Of Ignorance”, which plays with intimacy and alienation effects in equal measure. Or the speech diarrhoea of the perpetually overwound digital natives in their compulsion to talk, jabbering the Occident to death in the multimedia installation “Premise Place” by Ryan Trecartin in the Kunsthalle Krems. Or the martially choreographed invasion of a Baroque masked dance troupe, who march towards their audience on the green of Grafenegg Castle in the crusade “Trophée” by Rudi van der Merwe.

The soundtrack to donaufestival 2018 is spun by a musical cast that resist the self-concept of the now in unconventional ways. Socialised in the post-punk scene of Cairo, singer Nadah El Shazly effortlessly weaves improvisation, electronics, and Arab traditions into floating, timeless songs. Godspeed You! Black Emperor pile surging guitar and shimmering violin into elegiac tracks which master the dramaturgy of great crescendos. The dark sepulchral voice Haley Fohr alias Circuit des Yeux conjures the legacies of Nico, Nick Drake, and Scott Walker; the music of the multi-instrumentalist merges folk, blues, minimalist compositions, and experimental songwriting. James Holden & The Animal Spirits take to the stage with instruments like a modular synthesizer and flugelhorn to realise their radiant vision of a cosmic jazz music. Hitherto Laurel Halo has been known as a protagonist of innovative club music: now she intertwines broken beats and her synthetically modulated vocals with winding, atomised hi-tech pop. The sci-fi r'n'b by Mhysa confronts alienesque a cappella vocals with an aggressive post-club sound, eccentric ballroom, and hyper-aestheticised soul. Amnesia Scanner concentrate, fragment, distort, and accelerate sound particles that might have originated from man or machine. Death metal super group Gravetemple splices the doom guitars of drone pope Steven O'Malley with the drums of Oren Ambarchi and the gurgle voice of the underworld priest Attila Csihar.

And on the last day of donaufestival 2018 a diverse array of artists will pass on the plug in the context of the 8-hour freecore format as waves go by: music as process, almost without end, but only a beginning.


Starting today till the end of January, super-reduced early bird weekend festival passes are available for 63 EUR per weekend.
Starting from the beginning of February day passes will be available.

Weekend 1
April 27 - 29

Weekend 2
May 4 - 6



Godspeed You! Black Emperor


Laurel Halo

Liquid Loft


Ryan Trecartin

many more...

Amnesia Scanner

Circuit des Yeux

James Holden & The Animal Spirits

Nadah El Shazly

Rudi van der Merwe

Ryan Trecartin

many more...

The detailed complete programme along with the leitmotif will be announced in a press conference at the beginning of March 2018.

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