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Durational Rope


Program text

The metamorphoses of a black 1000-metre-long rope: a pile, a lasso, a whip, a snaky line, and then a spiral, an unknown pattern; an unforeseen ornament between ground contact and vertical tension becomes a massive manacle entwining the body. The rope is an object that simultaneously fills and measures the space, a mutable instrument in the choreographic flow of a two-hour performance. In black hoodies and white face masks the duo QUARTO executes an animistic ritual, which seems to imbue a utilitarian object with movement energy. Durational Rope is a contemplative exploration of the dynamic relationship between object and subject. Two tamers perform exercises that transform the rope into an oscillating medium of communication between the sentient beings. We still don’t know what a body is able to do, says philosophy. And we have yet to see what a rope can do when it is set in motion by bodies, awakening its own inner life.

choreograhy, concept & performance: Anna af Sillén de Mesquita & Leandro Zappala
technical director: Daniel Goody
manager: Koen Vanhove  
thanks to: Pille Repmakarn
Supported by Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm’s Culture Committee and The International Dance Programme –
The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé’s International Programme for Dance Artists.

In coproduction with Moderna Museet & MDT.


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