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We are no longer ourselves, Deleuze and Guattari once said. In Siblings the musician and performer Colin Self presents a theatral fantasy between opera and revue. Conceived as the sixth and final part of Colin Self’s Elation performance series, it stakes out a proliferating meeting space for the alien drags, who advocate empathy for the disintegrated and unidentifiable and negotiate practices of sympathy and caring. No father, no mother, no Oedipus – rather a queer family dances, speaks, and makes music in a scenographic hybrid. We all become part of these free-floating relationships without IDs, observing and reviewing the events. The audience separates into groups with different tasks, selectively appointed as analysts, activists, or spies. Siblings corresponds with the release of the same-named second solo album by Colin Self in summer 2017 and underlines the media- technological aspect of participation: a genre picture of a coming folk.

with: Colin Self, Lyra Pramuk, Tara-Jo Tashna, Lexi Welch, Sam Banks

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