In 2005 we awaited the first donaufestival after its repositioning with great excitement – but also a good dose of anxiety. Whether the public and media would share our desire for a contemporary art festival beyond all genre borders, between new art forms and pop culture, between underground and radical sociopolitical motives, between performance and music was certainly not foreseeable back then. The fact that today – with the announcement of the first artists and projects in my last edition as the artistic director – we can look back on 12 years of a successful experiment in the form of a festival is an occasion for great delight!
We tried to propagate and to live the path of the non-conformist, of otherness, and along the way we were accompanied, encouraged, and supported in an incredible way by innumerable artists, by the international and national media, and last but not least by a constantly growing, curious audience.

With a lot of more than sold-out festival days in 2015, in particular, proving that the “donaufestival idea” has sunk in for good, we’d once again like to give especially our die-hard accomplices the opportunity to secure tickets well in advance with the super-reduced early bird weekend passes.

I’m already looking forward to an inciting and exciting, contemplative and orgiastic springtime in Krems in 2016 before my successor Thomas Edlinger – a close ally in spirit – guides the festival to its dazzling future in 2017.

Tomas Zierhofer-Kin
donaufestival artistic director