“Actually I make love songs, love songs for the entire planet.” When such a statement comes from one the main maverick thinkers in pop, it’s clear we’re not dealing with melodious blarney. Quite the contrary: Serenades with the scream of sirens, megaphone paroles with an aggressive dub substructure. In the end of the 70s, Mark Stewart crossbred punk attitude with distorted funk and Caribbean bass waves. In Bristol his project The Pop Group generated aesthetic and political impulses for the post-punk era. His “love songs” are of the most relentless sort: They touch the planet exactly where it hurts the most. At donaufestival Stewart will present these musical interventions between pop and politics together with Russell Haswell (Editions Mego) and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) with the real-time dubbing of On-U-Sound grandmaster Adrian Sherwood.

02. Mai

Thursday close
Zeit Artist Location
10:00 Tillman Kaiser
10:00 Deep Feelings Kunsthalle - central hall
11:00 Ursula Scherrer & Shelley Hirsch Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal
12:00 Immigrant Movement International Kunstraum Stein
12:00 Douglas Gordon & Filmklasse Frankfurt Kunsthalle - central hall
12:00 Saint Genet Forum Frohner
12:00 David Yow Kunstraum Stein
15:30 Hans Peter Litscher Parkhotel
18:00 Hans Peter Litscher Parkhotel
18:00 Hans Peter Litscher Parkhotel
18:00 Sin Kabeza Productions (Cheto Castellano & Lissette Olivares) - Workshop Halle 3
18:00 Saint Genet Forum Frohner
19:00 MarkStewartRussellHaswellMikaVainio Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
19:00 Fran Ilich / Diego de la Vega Outdoor
20:30 Sin Kabeza Productions (Cheto Castellano & Lissette Olivares) Halle 3
20:30 Ruin Stadtsaal
21:30 Manorexia Halle 2
22:00 MONSTERFRAU Halle 3
22:30 Martin Rev Stadtsaal
23:00 René Hell Halle 3
23:30 :zoviet*france: Halle 2
00:00 Boris Ondreicka Halle 3
00:30 Girls Against Boys with Special Guest David Yow Stadtsaal

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

  • Th 02. May 19:00
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