MIASMA: The Eel House



19:00 in and around Stadtsaal

Glutamat and surprise guests!

Part II: Black Sea Washing Machine (metamorphosis)

MIASMA – the production collective around author, director, and actor Bastian Wilplinger, which is also behind The-Merz-World-New-Construction by The Eel House – first caught public attention with their large-scale theatrical vision “Call for Reduction! (in effigie)”, staged in summer 2012 at the former Ankerbrotfabrik in Vienna. The story of Marie Müller and her attempts of self-assertion against the constraints of a psychotic society manifested as an intermedial happening with more than 70 participating artists from very diverse genres. A stunning installation provided the framework for the theatrical aspect of the performance and its realisation with various media. A number of HD cameras and the latest streaming technologies were employed to edit the images live and broadcast them online in real time. Now, Marie Müller’s battle for a new world forges ahead at donaufestival and in the World Wide Web! It all starts out during the Crimean War, with the beginnings of the bourgeoisie and modernism, and ends with dementia and the new construction of the world from its own debris. The performance can be experienced either in the form of a bourgeois soirée at Stadtsaal, as an actionist open-air event at a still to be disclosed location, or else via www.donaufestival.at! In all cases, neither the performers nor the organisers assume liability for any damages to the visitors’ clothes, psyche, or body!

*Parallel start times at Stadtsaal and the outdoor event: the open-air location will be announced on www.donaufestival.at.

Production, Artistic Director: Bastian Wilplinger
Concept, Film Production, and Aesthetic Videography: Artistic Bokeh
Camera systems and research: Max Gurresch, Matthias Tarasiewicz (Artistic Technology Research)
Executive Producer: Bernhard Werschnak
Dramaturgy and Production Coordination: Siglind Güttler
Music: Daniel Benedek; Glutamat: Thesa Tödlich, MP Kopflos, Peter Palme,
Ronald von den Sternen, King Augenring, Susi von Hannover
Second Unit Director: Erol Nowak
Choreography: Rotraud Kern
Sound (Internet & Recording): Werner Weitschacher
Live Film Editor: Florentina Woschitz
Camera: Markus Riedl, Julia Staudach, Max Gurresch
Actors & Actresses: Aleksandra Cwen, Rose Press, Erol Nowak, Lauri Vuorela, Andreas Scherer
Artists: Coelestine Engels, Renfah, Stylianos Schicho, Matthias Buch, Anna Mitterer, Begi Piralishvili, Katherina Olschbauer, Ludwig Kittinger, Fernando Mesquita
Set Photographer: Johann Sifkovits

A production by MIASMA MMXIIV and donaufestival
Miasma would like to thank ETAS High Tech Hardware Systems, Riviera Blumen from Maria
Hofferer, and Café Espresso for their kind support and assistance.

In cooperation with the Polnischen Institut Wien


Artistic Bokeh
Initiative to qualitatively explore, map and extend the electrosphere with parameters of artistic research and development.
Artistic Technology

27. April

Saturday close
Zeit Artist Location
10:00 Tillman Kaiser
10:00 Deep Feelings Kunsthalle - central hall
10:00 Tino Sehgal Kunsthalle - central hall
11:00 Ursula Scherrer & Shelley Hirsch Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal
12:00 Zs Kunstraum Stein
12:00 Teresa Margolles - Relectura de la Tela Bordada Kunsthalle - central hall
12:00 Saint Genet Forum Frohner
14:00 Hans Peter Litscher Parkhotel
14:00 Medien/Kunst/Preis: Videokunst um die Jahrtausendwende Kino im Kesselhaus
15:00 Helm Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
15:00 Corinna Schnitt Galerie Stadtpark
15:30 Saint Genet Forum Frohner
16:45 Bill Kouligas DJ-Set Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
18:00 Bella Angora Halle 3
18:00 Hans Peter Litscher Parkhotel
18:00 SND Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
18:45 Lee Gamble Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
19:00 NHK´Koyxen Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
19:00 Fran Ilich / Diego de la Vega Outdoor
19:00 MIASMA: The Eel House Stadtsaal
20:30 Hans Peter Litscher Parkhotel
21:00 Raime Halle 2
22:00 Holly Herndon Halle 3
22:00 Robert Hood Stadtsaal
23:00 Demdike Stare Halle 2
00:00 Pete Swanson Halle 3
00:00 Simian Mobile Disco DJ-Set Stadtsaal
01:00 Emptyset Halle 2
02:00 Container Halle 3


  • Sa 27. April 19:00
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