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Nozinja (Shangaan Electro)


The South African producer, vocalist, and all-round multi-talent Richard “Nozinja” Mthetwa is the ambassador and face of the justified hype, which has been hitting the blogs and dance floors across all kinds of scenes since about three or four years: Shangaan Electro – a garish high-speed hybrid (mostly around 180 bpm) of high-pitched folklore and frantic electronics, which evolved on the streets of Soweto and in the meanwhile has arrived in clubs around the world. Interspersed with ringtone bleeps, cartoonesque sound effects, polyphonic chants, and shrill fun fair noises, it’s world music – using the term once as an exception – for a better world.


03. Mai

Saturday close
Zeit Artist Location
10:00 Julie Monaco
10:00 Back to the Future Kunsthalle Krems
10:00 Constantin Luser Kunsthalle Krems
10:00 William Kentridge Kunsthalle Krems
11:00 Finnbogi Petursson Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal
14:00 Dries Verhoeven Fußgängerzone/Täglicher Markt
14:00 AA Bronson funkundküste
14:00 Keith Hennessy Kino im Kesselhaus
14:00 Emi Honda & Jordan McKenzie Kunstraum Stein
15:00 Stephen O`Malley Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
15:00 It´s Our House And We Can Do What We Want To Kino im Kesselhaus
15:00 Patrycja German Kunsthalle Krems
15:00 God´s Entertainment Halle 1
15:00 Hans Schabus Galerie Stadtpark
15:45 Kassel Jaeger Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
16:15 Bill Orcutt Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
16:30 Jeremy Wade / Monika Grzymala / Xiu Xiu Forum Frohner
17:15 Compound Eye Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
18:00 Meg Stuart Kunsthalle - central hall
19:00 Macular Halle 3
19:30 Christian Fennesz Halle 2
20:00 Patrycja German Kunsthalle Krems
20:30 Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld & Stringquartet Stadtsaal
21:45 Sensate Focus Halle 2
22:15 Actress Stadtsaal
23:15 Donato Dozzy & Chris Madak Halle 2
00:15 Nozinja (Shangaan Electro) Stadtsaal


  • Sa 03. May 00:15
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