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Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

Dawn of the Revolution

World Premiere

The organisers and performers assume no liability for life and limb!

After just two European tours the theatre-maker Toco Nikaido and her troupe Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker have taught the continent a lesson in fear in matters of Japanese digital, pop, everyday, and political culture. With exaggerated hysteria, Japanese teeny culture becomes a battlefield of fascistoid societal processes. Maximum sensory overload, garish costumes, bellowed slogans, chaos, water, confetti, colour, and algae are the hitherto weapons of the genetically manipulated cheerleader monsters, which have been drawn in their orgies with the audience. Also their new work – a world premiere to mark their Austrian debut at donaufestival – promises not to break with the good old Berserker tradition in any way. Although we live in an analogue world – the tangible world before our eyes – we put our hopes time and again in fake realities created by digital media. Toco Nikaido’s world is impregnated with convoluted and intoxicating odours of rampage and revolution. Can you manage to find order in this chaos or coolness in the heated emotions to survive in this realm? Do you hazard a brief glance in the world that you cannot see? When you find that it is an act to throw away something in your own life by casting your commodified body into this performance, then there is the chance to experience death and rebirth in the spirit of Toco Nikaido.

Stage, choreography, concept: Toco Nikaido
Light design: Ryo Kabasawa
Sound design: Ryota Kakei
Video design: Ryuta Yaguchi
With Masami Kato, Eri Takamura, Amanda Waddell, and many others.


30. April

Thursday close
Zeit Artist Location
10:00 Hans Platzgumer, Michael Höpfner und Albert Ostermaier Kunsthalle Krems
10:00 Pipilotti Rist Kunsthalle - central hall
11:00 Zimoun Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal
15:00 Dóra Maurer Galerie Stadtpark
18:00 Bernhard Hammer Klangraum Krems Arkadenhof
18:00 Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat Atelier Kunstmeile Krems
18:00 Bernhard Garnicnig, Albert Allgaier, Lukas Heistinger, Alfred Lenz, Salvatore Viviano Schauraum 35/NULLNULL
18:00 Rimini Protokoll Halle 1
18:00 Kim Noble Forum Frohner
19:00 Nils Frahm Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
19:30 Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker Halle 2
20:00 Rimini Protokoll Halle 1
20:30 Mario de Vega Halle 3
20:30 Rainer Prohaska Halle 2 Lounge
21:00 Alessandro Cortini Stadtsaal
21:00 Proll Positions / Fahim Amir Messegelände
22:00 Rimini Protokoll Halle 1
22:00 Botanist Halle 2
22:30 alva noto Stadtsaal
23:30 Noise Manifesto presents DECON/RECON with Aquarian Jugs, Jaguar Woman, Oni Ayhun und rRoxymore Halle 2

Halle 2

  • Th 30. April 19:30
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