The Great Big Togetherness

The Great Big Togetherness

These seven proposals are not fixed, but rather exist as states of fermentation. The outcome is open. Highly dependent on you. And me. Most definitely WE! “What is it that we can do together that we can’t do alone.”
(Jared Gradinger)

The Great Big Togetherness shares different positions of collectivity through the lens of choreography, sculpture, sex magic, group experience, shamanism, activism, and queer theory.

As a performance maker and curator, I have been invested in ecstatic, neo-expressive, hypersensitive, actionist bodies; along with the facilitation of participatory group experiences that process play, mass dance, tantra, ritual, unconscious improvised choruse´s and future machinic assemblages. The performance and experience-making evolves from the desire for the transcendent union of the collective. Yet this ecstasy thing is tricky, creating a paradox of heightened perception through the loss of self and has intense complex political implications; one creating subordination the other liberation. Participatory practices begin to have an overwhelming presence in the art and performance world. Similar to the conflict of the ecstatic this work can either heighten attention to the power dynamics of leadership or create further subordination with the pretence that the work is at best using the audience. This discourse motivates me to further question the creation of participatory performances because I still believe and fight to maintain that this togetherness is really necessary and totally possible. Potential solutions include emergence, mediation, world making, activation, seduction, suggestion, fiction, friction, risk, not knowing together, spontaneous mass dance, care giving, and service. These performances are not about “transforming relational codes into something nicer” (Bishop). Nice is ok. But we want something deep that’s going to challenge what we become when we are together whether it feels nice or not. But if it feels nice, fuck it!  “Let’s all cum at the same time” – Liz Rosenfeld! The Great Big Togetherness concerns my fascination with the highly-charged, and fragile politics of togetherness. It’s really big because possibly it’s impossible.  

Liz Rosenfeld and Carlos Maria Romero question how we see and how the charged presence of a stranged erotic body creates ties that bring the audience and performer closer to one another. Together Forever with Jeremy Wade, Liz Rosenfeld and Igor Koruga is a practice in futurising notions of a collective body through the construct of marriage. AA Bronson creates a canopy of the hypersensitive, where intimacy and magic can be reciprocally transmitted. Meg Stuart offers the uber score of laughing for one hour as a threshold to a massive social ornament. Keith Hennessy preaches and teaches us into action queering ritual and collective ancestry. Finally, we are graced by the liminal presence of Protektorama, Johannes Paul Raether’s smart phone shamanic priestess, who will weave us together through the mythic and technological.

Text: Jeremy Wade




Forum Frohner

Liz Rosenfeld

26.04. Forum Frohner Carlos Maria Romero & Guillaume Marie
26.04. Forum Frohner Jeremy Wade, Liz Rosenfeld, Igor Koruga
30.04.-03.05. funkundküste AA Bronson
02.05. Kunsthalle Johannes Paul Raether
03.05. Kunsthalle Meg Stuart
03.05. Kino im Kesselhaus Keith Hennessy