Karl Karner / Linda Samaraweerová

Krems Halle 3 Halle 3


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Limited capacities, reservation on the day of the event recommended.
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What a tableau. Autonomous sound machines from the artist Alfred Lenz make music as if by magic. A kaleidoscope of imagery consisting of sketches and films pours from the walls, flows onto the floor and table around which the audience and performers sit together for a feast full of metamorphoses. WÜRFELN III continues where the fantastical performances WÜRFELN and WÜRFELN – FELL MIT BALL left off. In this re-enchanted stage world the process of the celebrated intake of food is reflected upon through the lens of the history of civilisation. The original is replaced by the artificial, nature is cultivated, designed, distorted, imitated, and overtrumped with flavour enhancers. Will the spillage be kissed awake at this ritual dinner or are we trapped in a surreal feverish dream, fuelled by the undetermined substances on the table? What’s more, a melancholic story about a couple echoes in the head. A character called Jeansboy and a woman don’t know what to do next. They set forth into the unknown and insecure. Beside the tableau lurks nature, her myths, and the darkness: “No light shall blind too much.”

Concept, choreography: Karl Karner and Linda Samaraweerová
Performance: Karl Karner, Reka Kutas, Alfred Lenz, Linda Samaraweerova
In cooperation with Alfred Lenz
Lightdesign: Victor Duran
Stage design: Karl Karner
Music installation: Alfred Lenz
Arduino development: Martin Gasser
Texts: Bruno Batinic
Patisserie: Dominik Fitz


direction: Linda Samaraweerová
dramaturgiy: Laura Samaraweerová
camera: Judith Stehlik
music: Robert Jíša

A coproduction of donaufestival and Kasal.


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