Stephan Geene feat. Claudia Basrawi, Justus Köhncke, Kerstin Cmelka & Ricky Shayne

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mutwillig, Shayne

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West Germany, 1967: A Lebanese in an African kaftan hollows out the musty core of Schlager music and fills it with unbridled life. Ich sprenge alle Ketten is the title of the first German hit by Ricky Shayne from the pen of Munich-based disco grand seigneur Giorgio Moroder. The theatre essay mutwillig, Shayne by Stephan Geene is an enrichment and reinvention of pop history and body politics, which culminates in a post-critical concert. Geene concentrates on the Berlin phase of the untouchable and unpredictable musician between kitsch and funk, plastic libertine and playboy dissidence. A warehouse mutates into a rehearsal stage: In the sluggishly modernising post-war fug, seduction has to be organised. The allure of BRAVO magazine’s life-size star posters, jetset chic, and the fear-laden lust for the proud Arabic man promise more. But this Ricky, played by his son Tarek, isn’t degraded by a fictional Las Vegas show into a mere fetish medium. In the end he and we are perhaps salvaged by the ironic insinuation of a comeback gala concert directed by Justus Köhncke: everything is broken, everything is possible.

idea and director: Stephan Geene
Music production: Justus Köhncke
assistant of director: Caroline Kirberg
text collaboration: Claudia Basrawi
stage: Merle Vorwald
film, camera: Volker Sattel
film, sound: Manuela Schimina, Manja Ebert
with: Ricky Shayne, Tarek Shayne Tabet, Imran Shayne Tabet, Claudia Basrawi, Stephan Geene, Kerstin Cmelka u.a.

A coproduction by donaufestival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt and bbooksz av.

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