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Sleep hinders the restless movement of capital, which doesn’t have a sleep mode and vilifies regeneration phases as wasted time. Research on sleep aims to optimise it to a minimum. Together with a musician, a programmer, and a neuroscientist, Marina Gioti creates a continuously changing real-time environment based on sleep rhythm data. She translates it into sounds and kinetic objects that manifest in a dark garden full of plants, whose growth, in turn, depends on an own rhythm.

Sound Design and programming: Coti K
Programming, Automations: Thanos Eleftherakos
Sleep Science Advisor: Hara Tsekou
Touring support: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens
Architectural supervision: Yannis Arvanitis

The Installation was first presented in Athens, Greece as a commission/co-production with the Onassis Cultural Centre.

With friendly support by Anton Starkl GmbH.


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