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This year we have bolstered the DJ lineup, and each day will feature two different DJs or a DJ collective. Outdoor DJs wil already play in the afternoons at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche, and then during the intermissions in the evening in Hall 2. Another new highlight: There will be a DJ in Hall 2 for an hour after the last act each night.
Let’s dance!

Abu Gabi:
Vienna based composer, DJ and curator Tanja Fuchs alias Abu Gabi is a progressive force between noise and radical bass vibrance, itching in pop and club cultural stigmata. She studied music production in Salzburg, music & performance in Istanbul and timebased media arts in Linz. Coming from anarcho-pop and improvisational music she’s an activist solo artist as well as part of the contemporary harsh club duo DVRST. As a composer she works in fields of theater, performance and film. Also as a writer, lecturer and curator Tanja Fuchs is driven by the intense and allegedly incompatible (Klangfestival 2018-21, Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Klubinstitut 2019). She is part of the event series Struma+Iodine, Unsafe+Sounds Festival and the label Ventil Records.


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