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Krems Kino im Kesselhaus Kino im Kesselhaus

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A virtuoso montage of a roller coaster ride through the archive of the kinetic cinema object called railway by Peter Tscherkassky, a data musical against automated political propaganda in Senegal by Manu Luksch, an inventory of the takeover of a run-down apartment block in Venezuela by Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, and a search for traces of so-called cargo cults between Polynesia and Austria by Peter Moosgaard and Christoph Schwarz: The short film programme for donaufestival sounds out the diverse variants of reappropriations and counter-appropriations.

Train Again | R: Peter Tscherkassky, AT 2021, 20 min
Algo-Rhythm | R: Manu Luksch, AT, SN, GB, 2019, 14 min
Living Megastructures | R: Sabine Bitter und Helmut Weber, AT, VE 2003-2004, 25 min
Supercargo | R: Peter Moosgaard und Christoph Schwarz, AT 2015, 22 min

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