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Mai Ling kocht 3: We All Eat Dirt

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What does food tell us about repressive structures, stereotypes, diasporic experiences, and culinary appropriation processes? Since 2019, the Vienna-based collective Mai Ling has been dedicated to promoting and contextualizing contemporary Asian art and culture, with a focus on FLINT* (women*, lesbian, inter, non-binary, and trans) in solidarity against patriarchal discrimination. The name “Mai Ling” refers to Gerhard Polt’s television sketch dating from 1979, which represents sexist and racial stereotypes and prejudices against Asian women in former West Germany. Mai Ling uses artistic and discursive formats to actively take a stand against these forms of discrimination, which are still firmly anchored in society today.
In the performative interaction We All Eat Dirt, Mai Ling prepares Asian dishes on site while confronting the festival audience with the political references of a non-European cuisine that enjoys broad popularity in this part of the world. Following this multi-sensory experience, Mai Ling invites the audience to eat the dishes together.

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