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This year we have bolstered the DJ lineup, and each day will feature two different DJs or a DJ collective. Outdoor DJs wil already play in the afternoons at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche, and then during the intermissions in the evening in Hall 2. Another new highlight: There will be a DJ in Hall 2 for an hour after the last act each night.
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Mariah Doesn’t Carey b2b Karl Knall:
Issuing slow burning sets from her decks, Mariah Doesn’t Carey spins transcendental music for head, heart, and hips.Her sets join the dots between synth boogie, fringe techno, deep minimalism, and lucid noise, weaving together remote genres into constantly surprising dancefloor trips.
Karl Knall has a passion for small concerts that leave big impressions, likes to copy tapes for friends and initiated TRANSFORMER together with Gran Bankrott back in 2013.

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