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Somewhere Me

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Austrian premiere

"What does it mean to experiment with living in a context of a world that is uninhabitable?” (Saidiya Hartman)

“How am I alive?” is what I imagine Saidiya Hartman is asking me when I read the above words by her. “Tell me the details of how you stay alive, stay living?” Where is your (living) life?
Take me to it.
Take me somewhere you.

Somewhere Me is movement, a sonic ensemble composition of somewhere Nomcebisi Moyikwa, Toby Ngomane, Qhawe Vumase, and Mlondiwethu Dubazane. Somewhere to where Nina Simones “Ain t Got No, I Got Life” takes us. It is an opportunity for love; a way unsettling the norms of reading, hearing, and seeing, thereby reordering the senses to create new means of knowing.

(text by Nomcebisi Moyikwa)

Created by Nomcebisi Moyikwa | Performer: Nomcebisi Moyikwa, Toby Ngomane, Qhawe Ntselelo Vumase, und Mlondiwethu Dubazane | Project Manager: Nomcebisi Moyikwa | Design: Nomcebisi Moyikwa | Komposition: Joshua Biggs | Recorded audio/music: Alice Coltrane, Nina Simone, Solange Knowles, Busi Mhlongo, Brenda Fassie
Video: Eduardo Trivino Cely
Music and sound-composition: Ursula Winterauer
Language: English, isiXhosa, isiZulu, German

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