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Participants from the Master in Critical Studies programme at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna pose the question of what remains after appropriation and expropriation, colonialism and capitalism. What positions can be assumed on the various ideas of property, appropriation, legitimacy, and theft, which have emerged in recent discussions. How can colonial and capitalist exploitation and extraction be prevented or even compensated, reversed?

Serena Abbondanza, Cristóbal Adam, Ana de Almeida, Lara Bellon, Diedrich Diederichsen, Ava Binta Giallo, Steph Holl-Trieu, Natalia Philomena Jobe, Dila Kaplan, Hanna Kucera, Helena McFadzean, Mona Rizaj, and Sophia Rohwetter will install interruptions, passages, landscapes, and paths in Forum Frohner – in the strive to not confine oneself to interpretations of stealing just as a metaphor.

1.5., 13.00-14.00: Diedrich Diederichsen and Thomas Edlinger about the donaufestival-Reader Stealing the Stolen
8.5., 14.30-15.30: Nora Sternfeld about the donaufestival-Reader

Research Lab is also open from 03.05. – 05.05. from 11.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Further details on the program can be found on the donaufestival-Website.

In cooperation with Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien.

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