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The Sadness

Program text


Austrian premiere

There’s not much left of the world anymore. At least the birds are still chirping from a recording. Three performers hang out on a heap of soil. Later they will mimic dances from the Internet and grab for microphones and sound-generating tablets. The thin voices rendered with diverse distortion effects herald a diffuse pain. Only the rumbling massive bass warms what was once called a soul. In this techno shamanist ritual, sadness is not a matter of the individual but a collective act. A choreographed lament unfolds about an uneasy present, a variant of live-arranged rap music in an introverted performance infused with vulnerabilities, which accesses the dark side of narcissism: depression, the addiction to stimulating substances, the craving for numbness, the melancholy of youth, the solitude in the web.

Concept, direction, video, laser: Ula Sickle
Lyrics, concept, performance: Sidney Barnes, Ashley Morgan, Amber Vanluffelen (with Camilo Mejía Cortés)
Sound design: Lynn Suemitsu | light design: Ryoya Fudetani | sound engeneering: Noé Voisard | video engeneering: Tim Wouters | costume: Sabrina Seifried
Dramaturgy: Persis Bekkering
Production and distribution: Future Works
Language: English

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