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Paradise Now (1968-2018)

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In 1968 the New York anarchotheatre group The Living Theatre initiated their piece Paradise Now in an attempt to dissolve the borders between performers and audience with post-dramatic means. Their vision was nothing less than a new society. The Doors singer Jim Morrison followed the group as a fan; the US police pursued them into prison. More than a half century later, 13 youths – under the guidance of director and choreographer Michiel Vandevelde – look back on the political events of the decades in between on the basis of iconic images. Born and raised in a time of insecurity, when utopias have been forsaken, the youth on stage appropriate the euphoric actionism of their predecessors. They create something that seemed long lost: political theatre without nostalgia. Their concluding questions about the possibility of community and the future of what one still calls society are more than pressing.

Michiel Vandevelde
Zulaa Antheunis, Sarah Bekambo, Jarko Bosmans, Bavo Buys, Wara Chavarria, Judith Engelen, Abigail Gypens, Lore Mertens, Anton Rys, Margot Timmermans, Bo Van Meervenne, Esra Verboven, Aron Wouters
Lila & John
Choreography assistant:
Zoë Demoustier
Kristof van Baarle
Technical support:
Bregt Janssens
Production manager:
Kathleen Vogelaers


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