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Fictions of the Flesh

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As if teleported out of a science fiction scenario, a bizarre but somehow familiar character, clad in straps and bags and what resembles functional sport gear, slides, floats, and falls through the city of Krems and the festival grounds. The Norwegian choreographer Ingri Fiksdal is renowned for her minimalist yet spectacular performances, which synthesize sculptural costumes, stage settings, and bodies in motion. Fictions of the Flesh was developed in collaboration with the dancer Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy and the costume and set designer Fredrik Floen as an unsettling solo performance in public space. Drawing from jazz dance as a physical archive as well as topics of the construction of the other lent from decolonial theory, the performance embodies the challenge of opening oneself to the unknown. The succession of scenes holds the allusions to human rituals and movements and the alien presence of the figure in suspense, while referring to a biotechnologically augmented future and its potential expanded corporealities.

Developed by: Ingri Fiksdal, Fredrik Floen, and Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy

Concept and choreography: Ingri Fiksdal

Costume and visual design: Fredrik Floen

Choreography and original performer: Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy

Performer Krems: Harald Beharie

Producer and administration: Eva Grainger

Producer and distribution: Nicole Schuchardt

Production: Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse

Co-production: Black Box Theater Oslo, Dansens Hus, Bærum Kulturhus – Dans Sørøst Norge & BIT teatergarasjen

Funded by: Arts Council Norway

Website Ingri Fiksdal

Website Fredrik Floen

Website Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy

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