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The ritual unification of human and machine is still deliberate on stage. Marco Donnarumma creates internationally acclaimed sensual-confrontational projects that meld bodies, experimental sound, and AI technology. Margherita Pevere works between her studio and biolabs where she creates arresting installations and performances as chimeras, combining bacteria, animals and plants with poetics and critique.

In Eingeweide, their bodies enmesh with an AI prosthesis, external organs, and relics of server farms. The sound generated by interpreting the muscular activities of the performers via AI algorithms in real time fills the space. Eingeweide evades clear categorisation as utopia or dystopia: Are we witnessing a poetic intimacy between human and machine or an anticipation of being incorporated by technologies, which have slipped out of human control?

Artistic direction, performance, staging: Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere 

Music, programming, AI robotics: Marco Donnarumma

Symbionts, skins:  Margherita Pevere

Scientific partner: Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Beuth Hochschule 

Robotics, visual design, and costumes: Ana Rajcevic

Robotics, 3D modelling, and engineering: Christian Schmidts

Light design, stage production: Andrea Familari

Production: Claudia Dorfmüller

Website Marco Donnarumma

Website Margherita Pevere


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