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Austrian premiere

PUNK. KILL ME PLEASE emerged from the artists’ fascination with the revolutionary energy of punk and the uninhibited exertion of the body. One departure point of the choreography is the destructive relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, Britain’s most legendary punk rock couple. With its deliberately fragmentary dramaturgy, structured like a sequence of songs in a concert, the work marks out a minimalist stage space furnished merely with two tartan blankets, a record player, and a few strips of adhesive tape. There one finds two female bodies subject to continuous and iconic transformations. They seem self-generating and omnipotent, sensual and funny, electrified and monstrous. They share the same anger, the will to rebel, and the lust for life and become ambassadors of a vibrant manifesto to feminist freedom.

Concept and idea: Francesca Foscarini & Cosimo Lopalco | Performance: Francesca Foscarini & Beatrice D’Amelio | Artistic assistance: Valentina Dal Mas & Melina Sofocleous | Lichtdesign and technical support: Maria Virzì | Voice Coaching: Debora Petrina | Organization and administration: Eleonora Cavallo & Federica Giuliano

A coproduction of Associazione Culturale VAN, Festival Danza in Rete-Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza. With the kind support of Centrale Fies_art work space, Teatro delle Rane.

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