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What’s the sound of the moon? And what do the human fantasies attached to it sound like? And what is left of the sound when you approach this cold hunk of rock in a vacuum? These are questions Rojin Sharafi and Épong explore in the world premiere of their audio-visual performance, comissioned by Arts Centre VIERNULVIER and donaufestival. Rojin Sharafi was born in Tehran and lives in Vienna; Épong is a Belgian producer and sound designer. The two combine rugged breakbeats and industrial noises with subtle melodies; harshness and subtlety have no bone to pick. On their mission to the moon, they orbit the contradictions between matter and myth – for, as Freud already knew, no fantasy can blossom without the “hard rock” of reality.

Commissioned by Arts Centre VIERNULVIER & donaufestival.

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