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Krems Kino im Kesselhaus Kino im Kesselhaus

Films by Emilija Škarnulytė, Alex Gerbaulet and Mareike Bernien

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Sonne unter Tage

Sonne unter Tage retraces uranium mining in the GDR from 1946 to 1990 in the service of the USSR’s nuclear weapons program, while investigating sedimented narratives surrounding the element of uranium on a material, metaphorical, and geopolitical level.

Sonne unter Tage | R: Alex Gerbaulet, Mareike Bernien, DE, 2021, 40 min



In the control room of a nuclear power plant, a python slithers across the metal: the highly associative explorations in Burial entangle sunken worlds in the ocean with the technoid ruins of tomorrow to create a visually powerful essay about a world without people.

Burial | R: Emilija Škarnulytė, LTU/NOR, 2022, 60 min

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