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The pontiffs of the Toxic Temple worship what remains when we all are no more: the trash, the poison, and the toxification. They seek enlightenment in radioactive fallout, the sublimity of techno junk, the transcendence of extinction, and the sacrality of plastic. The new gods may be stinking zombies, the new temples are garbage dumps. The rituals of Toxic Temple will be executed on the terrain of donaufestival throughout its duration, propping our contradictions and indulged risks at the foot of the altar. The Cult of Pollution leads from the sanctum in Forum Frohner to the wasteland called Krems, releasing transformative forces into the world.
On April 30, Toxic Temple performs an early evening procession from Minoritenplatz in Stein to the Dominican Church in Krems, where an inhabitable installation by Alfredo Barsuglia, forged out of bulk waste, awaits its revival: we can no longer escape the poison.

Performative interventions during WE 1
Workshops during WE 2 (see Theory & Talk)
Exact schedule on and on Instagram @thetoxictemple

Toxic Temple was initiated by Kilian Jörg (philosopher and artist) and Anna Lerchbaumer (artist). Further participants in this MESS will be:
Dramaturgy: Claus Philipp | Architect and artist: Andreas Zißler | Choreographer, noise musician: su dance110 | Ethnographer and performer: Demi Spriggs | Sound artist and impro-performer: Margaret Unknown | Ecologist and artist: Sabrina Rosina | Video (camera and editing): Julius Lermer

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