Awareness Team

AwA* (spoken = Awareness Star) is a collective that performs awareness work and education.


We are here for you at donaufestival. You can reach out to us.
The Awareness team is there in situations
when ...
... you feel something is too much for you.
... you don’t want to / cannot intervene yourself.
... you feel uncomfortable for some reason.
... someone is discriminating against you or others or treating you unjustly – e.g., racism, sexual harassment, verbal or physical abuse.

If you need support in a situation, drop by the Awareness Info Table in Hall 2! You can also call the AwA* hotline at any time and get support. Or reach out to us via email or Signal in the days following the event. We work confidentially and always in consultation with the affected person/s whose personal limits
have been transgressed.

Tel. +43 677 64 100 205


AwA* mission: The goal of our work is to make what we offer not to be needed anymore. We strive for a society in which an attentive
solidary contact between all people is put into practice. In which people have the tools and space to make decisions and deal
with conflicts in a mindful and non-violent way. We believe we can achieve this through empowerment and emancipatory work.

For more information:

Instagram @awa_stern| Facebook

For requests or support:

Yours in solidarity,
and here’s to a good festival!

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