**POSTPONED** In The Year Of The Metal Ox

donaufestival 2021 postponed to beginning of October

Due to the pandemic, we have decided to reschedule donaufestival 2021 from the planned springtime dates to the autumn (October 1–3 & 8–10, 2021).
The current public event and travel restrictions, the lack of planning security, and the necessary preventive measures make a festival, like the one we have in mind, quite impossible in the original time frame. donaufestival thrives from collective experiences, face-to-face encounters on location, and an array of artistic performances and presentations at different public venues – and we are trying our best to accomplish this in 2021, too.

We are now working diligently on the realisation of the programme in the fall. But there is already a teaser in spring: Commissioned by donaufestival, the exhibition Chaos Theory by the collective Metahaven in cooperation with Kunsthalle Krems will be on show from April 30 to June 27 in the Kunsthalle.

We very much look forward to this exhibition and a fantastic donaufestival 2021 in October!

the donaufestival team


"In The Year Of The Metal Ox”

The Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2021 serves as a code word for a donaufestival in the wake of a pandemic that has escalated social breakpoints and fronts and provoked unimagined artistic approaches to corporeality, intimacy, and collectivity. We interpret the impossible machine-animal of the metal ox as – despite everything – a libidinous imagination. The title alludes, on the one hand, to the 2020 donaufestival programme, whichframedthe seductive-sinister potential of a network society of human and nonhuman actorsunder the title Machines Like Us. On the other, In The Year Of The Metal Ox refers to a state of emergency for the donaufestival between planability and improvisation, which, besides the forgone presentations of 2020, sets the stage for a wealth of new projects forged in the lockdown days of our present age.

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