Meuko! Meuko!

We dance with Meuko! Meuko! through the gorges of a future city after the climate collapse


Meuko! Meuko! is a solo project of Taipei based artist Pon, the experimental music producer and live performer. Meuko! Meuko! bursted into the experimental music scene in 2017 with her unique sound - its shadowy atmosphere undercuts glitchy dance tracks loaded up with samples and toy noises together with A/V created in collaboration with Taipei Based Visual & Installation group NAXS corp. Each performance contains improvisation and elements of new works, combining disciplines of improvisation with conceptual ideas of noise, clubbing, strange sounds, field recordings that conjure at times ritualistic performances with sources tracing back to Taiwan’s own spiritual landscape. Between traditional religion and techno-animism, is the myriad of a cityscape with tropical humidity, it’s greenery enveloping the molding concrete city blocks.

Release in 2018 on Danse Noire, ⻤鬼島 Ghost Island blends mythology and instruments with electronic beats and cacophonous samples on a release inspired by life in—and the urge to escape from—her home city of Taipei. ⻤鬼島 Ghost Island is received as the epitome of merging traditional sounds with contemporary electronic music to bring new purpose to this juxtaposition, using the harsh sounds of modern life to give her music a distinctly 21st-century tension. ⻤鬼島 Ghost Island Live A/V by Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS corp. elevates audience experience of the mythical world of ⻤鬼島 Ghost Island and goes even further with its immersive VR space. As music traverses the anti-utopian ruins of Ghost Island and Cyber-Dreamscape, the audience might find that this is not a fantasy or a fable, but the mythological reality in which we all live. Based on Meuko! Meuko!'s dreamscape, NAXS corp. has built the lost world that inhabits abandoned statues, floating ruins, stray dogs and hieroglyphics.

As a multi-format Audio-Visual project, Ghost Island has been presented in numerous festivals and Biennales all over the world including: Transmediale (DE), Taiwan Biennale 2020 (TW), Sónar (HK), Primavera Sound (ES), Sonic Acts (NL), Hyperreality by Wiener Festwochen (AT), Soft Centre (AU), L.E.V. Festival (ES), and WSK Festival (PH) whether as Live A/V, online immersive experience in cyberspace, or VR installation. Ever since its inception Meuko! Meuko! continues to tour across South/East Asia, China and Europe over more than 20 countries. In 2020 Meuko! Meuko! presented AFTERLIFE網路路來來⽣生, the online experimental project as a chief curator and performer for the UNSOUND Festival 2020. Most recently she co-founded the online platform "0xCORE" with NAXS corp., integrating techno-animism, virtual avatar and motion capture in an online multiplayer scape to experiment with alternative methods of communication and experience with her vision of soundscape.

Programme Text

With the Taipei-based DJ and producer Meuko! Meuko! we dance through the murky chasms of a lost city after the climate collapse. It’s warm, dark, and humid; the night is occasionally lit up by strobes and flickering neon signs. All the beats, all the sounds seem to be sweating, nature has long since begun to reclaim the city. Traditional spirits creep into the metallic beats and imbue them with new, alien life. Meuko! Meuko! brings her retro-futuristic techno-animism to the stage in immersive multimedia installations.

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