Fri 26 April 2024 21:00

Joshua Serafin


Past event

Joshua Serafin – VOID © ANTI Festival


In the performance VOID, we see the non-binary spiritual deity Void on an island installation, who seems to be merging with its environment. Two light pillars create a portal that links the spiritual and mortal realms. Void converses with the sound cosmos and befogged landscape: “Never fear to love!”

Void comes from the past and points to the future. Its inception derives from the Philippine-born artist’s research into precolonial animistic religions on the islands, which were suppressed by the Spanish
imposition of Catholicism. Bolstered by a somnambulistic ambient noise soundtrack with live guitar input from Calvin Carrier, the dance unfolds into a visually powerful speculation about a future queer mythology centred around the “decolonisation of the self.” Bruno Latour opined: “We have never been modern.” Joshua Serafin’s god from a before time belongs to this We and guides the way into a new time.


Performance / Choreography / Scenography: Joshua Serafin Musician: Calvin Carrier Sound Design: Alex Zhang Huntai and Luis Miguel Munoz Voice: Lukresia Quismundo and Joshua Serafin

This performance contains stroboscopic light and nudity. Enter at your own discretion.

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