AwA* (pronounced = Awareness Stern) is a collective and works actively on awareness work and education.

We are there for you at the donaufestival and you can recognize the awareness team by their purple badges and neon yellow buttons
AwA* is there for you in situations where ...
... you have the feeling that something is too much for you.
... you don't want to/can't intervene yourself.
... you feel uncomfortable for any reason.
... someone is discriminating against you or others or is treating you badly - e.g. being racist, or verbally, sexually or physically harrasing you or others.


If you need support in a situation, contact the AwA* information table in Hall 2 at Messegelände (in the loung area) or at the Minoritenkirche (opposite of the restrooms) on Sundays! 

You can call the awareness hotline at any time for support. You can also get in touch via e-mail in the days following the event. We work confidentially and always in consultation with the person(s) whose boundaries have been crossed.

Telephone number: +43 664 60499350

Awareness comes from the English "to be aware", i.e. to be aware of something. Discrimination and violence are not isolated incidents, but take place in a structural, social context. Awareness is an approach that emerged from the feminist and queer movement. The debates and practices of the second women's movement of the 1970s were an important starting point, and the approaches and practices of the Transformative Justice and Community Accountability movements from the USA have also influenced awareness work in German-speaking countries. Women, queer people and BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) developed community-based solutions to discrimination and violence. Due to racist structures in the police and state authorities, BIPoC could not and cannot rely on these organisations.

The AwA* principle is: "The aim of our work is to make ourselves superfluous. We work for a society in which respectful, solidary interaction between all people is practised. In doing so, we want to show people the tools and scope for action they need to make decisions and deal with conflicts in a mindful and non-violent way. Through empowerment and emancipatory work, we want to strengthen this path and counteract power relations."

As an awareness collective, AwA* is networked in many ways with other groups and structures. These include IG Club Kultur, 4lthangrund für Alle and the Awareness Institute - an association of groups and individuals in German-speaking countries who work on awareness.

For more information:
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For enquiries or support:

Greetings in solidarity and here's to a good festival!

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© Ruth Ehrmann
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